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Hi.  XIX Software is a company that I, Don Schaper, have set up to offer my programming to the world.  Why "XIX"?  Well, it's a long story; but I chose the name around a decade ago (when I began my modern programming efforts), just in case I ever got good enough to actually want to sell software.  What does it mean?  19.  Now you know almost as little as when I started this paragraph!

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and have since I came here to go to college in the late 70's.  Yes, people actually do live here!  And, yes, you really have to like snow; since it's not unusual to have snow in April, and then again in October.  Our warm season might be short; but it is so spectacular that it truly makes the danger of having one's face fall off in January worth it!

My college degree was in Computer Science; and that was my career for a number of years.  I left the geek world to pursue other interests for a time; and then came back to my roots in the mid 90's when web development became all the rage.  After 10 years of that, I got bored trying to convince companies that their creaky old sites just weren't good enough anymore; and shifted to programming.  This led to learning the Torque Game Engine; created by Garage Games.  MahJong Tradition was the first program that I considered good enough to let loose upon the world. Force of Attraction is my second game, this time for the iPad.


Privacy Policy

If you send me an email, I will respond; and then I will never again do anything with your email address.

If you tell me that you want to be kept abreast of any updates to software that you've purchased; your email address will be used for that specific purpose only.  [If I debut a new program, you'll just have to find out about it from someone else.]

I will never have access to your personal information (credit card stuff, etc.; since PayPal or Apple handles all of that); so that's not a worry.  Regardless, anything I know about you will be held the in the strictest of confidences.  Your information will not be sold or shared (or whatever weasel words so many companies are using nowadays) to anybody.

All I care about is that you try the software I offer.  If you don't like the MahJong Tradition demo, throw it in the trash and we can go our separate ways.  If you do like it, and purchase it, then my only interest is in getting my fee (once PayPal has taken their pound of flesh out of the money you give them!).  Eventually, I hope that Apple will allow demo software, so that you could try out Force of Attraction before purchasing.

Of course, it's always nice to get emails telling me that a program I created changed your life forever and that you are eternally grateful!

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