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Force Of Attraction

This game is no longer available for sale.

Interest was never great, so I decided that it wasn't worth it to update the game.

The following is provided for historical context.

A year and a half in the making, I am proud to present my first IOS game: Force of Attrraction.

Many, if not most, games are twitch fests; where you furiously stab at the screen with your fingers, trying to achieve ever-harder goals - with a timer or health bar shouting at you that failure is right around the corner!

Many games are also instant marathon sessions; where to even consider playing the game, you have to devote significant time and attention.

Force of Attraction is not one of these kinds of games.

FofA is intended as a gentle and panic-free few minutes of beautiful diversion. You can leave at any time, to respond to that most important email or read whatever news story notification happens by; and then return to exactly where you left off. The game will always be waiting for those times when you just want to immerse yourself in the fascinating physics this game presents, the charming music & sound effects; and, more than anything else, the absolutely stunning graphics.

The point of the game is very simple. There is a ball. It does nothing until you touch the screen (placing an attractor). The ball moves toward the attractor. Touch a second time and now the magic (that took so very long to program!) happens. The ball's movement is affected by all of the attractors. Not so much if the attractor is far away, but very much if it is nearby. Straight lines are a thing of the past. The ball swoops and dives, it orbits; sometimes fast, sometimes slow. The effect is mesmerizing.

Making the ball go where you want it to is the great challenge of this game - or - you can just touch a few times and enjoy the show!

Tilting the iPad affects, but does not entirely control the movement of the ball.

When the ball collides with some objects, you gain points; with others, you lose points. Some objects are just put there to get in the way! Some levels are more difficult than others, but none are so difficult that the player will ever get frustrated.

There are no timers.

There are no levels to unlock.

You are always brimming with health!

60 levels are presented for your enjoyment.
Also, four buttons create randomly-generated levels; so that this game will never become stale.

Additional level sets are planned for the future; and will be available to all owners at no charge (through a game update). Force of Attraction will never use in-app purchasing. You pays your money and you keep getting whatever I can think up!

Children will love this game. Touch the screen, hear the beautiful sounds and see the pretties. Adults will be challenged to figure out how to finish the level using the fewest number of attractors possible.

Force of Attraction has three different levels of difficulty and the tilt sensitivity can be controlled. You can also turn off the sound, so that you can play the game with your music rather than mine!


Main Menu

Main Menu     (click for a larger picture)


Blue Level

Blue Level     (click for a larger picture)


Yellow Level

Yellow Level     (click for a larger picture)


Red Level

Red Level     (click for a larger picture)


Green Level

Green Level     (click for a larger picture)


I hope that you will consider purchasing Force of Attraction. And, if you do, that you enjoy it
as much as I did in creating
this wonderful game.

Revision History:

Version 1.0 (December 16th, 2011)

Initial Release

Version 1.1 (April 3rd, 2012)

2012 iPad Retina Display Update
General Performance Enchancements